100 percent boost strategies every growing business needs

Do you want to see a boost in your business as an entrepreneur? Then you need to go PRO!

Going PRO is a very important tool you can use to boost your business against your competitor. I know you must have heard of the word “You need to start small” well yes you need to start small, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be a professional even when you seem to start small. Going PRO will sell you and if your business will succeed it depends on how you treat it.

I would be given you some few tips on how being PRO can elevate your business for better.

How do you see branding?       

The main reason why I would go for a product over another of same value does not necessarily mean I have love for the content, but how loved I feel when I possess the brand.

Branding is one important tool for a PRO in a business. Every business PRO makes it a culture to make his brand unique and most times what really attracts the customers is how they feel when they see your brand. That my friend is the law of attraction

How can I brand me?

  1. Complimentary card:

This is one big deal most people don’t pay attention to, as a matter of fact, branding starts here. Don’t just make a card, make a brand.

A Business Card designed in one of this regular cyber café around the corner and one designed by any recognized ICT firm focused in branding, ​WHICH WILL YOU GO FOR?​

Let your complimentary card sell you. Don’t go for those cheap cards, let your card be such that even if I don’t want your expertise, let the quality and beauty of your card make me keep the card in my wallet. Your complimentary card is your first publicity.

  • Acquire the right Knowledge:

Let’s say you have a meeting with a multi-billionaire and you are asked to pitch your business in 3 minute, what would you say?

Branding yourself has lots to do with knowledge, but not how well you know what you do but how well you can sell it.

Let me use this scenario

A regular graphics designer and a graphic designer in an ICT Firm both designed a NEW LOGO for an organization and they were both asked a question during their presentation about the logo designs they came up with.

Question for regular designer​ “why did you use this RED color?”

​Response of Mr Cyber Café​ “The thing is I just love the colors sir, that is why I used it” (Hmmm Bad)

​Question for Mr ICT Firm​ “why did you use this RED color?”

​Response of Mr ICT Firm​ “This organization is an Oil & Gas Company, RED defines energy so that is the reason for the touch of red here sir” (Hmmm very good, that’s a PRO responding).

So getting the right knowledge to sell yourself is very important.

  • Sell yourself:

Going PRO in anything you do is a way of branding yourself and making yourself different from armatures out there, this is exactly what your potential customers out there wants to see in other to be able to TRUST and RELY on you for delivering a great product to them.

Professionalism is not just about dressing nice or having an advanced degree. No in the world of business, there are many more guidelines to follow in order to be considered a professional.

According to, the definition of professional includes Expert in field which one is practicing, excellent practical and literary skills in relation to profession, high quality in work, high standard of ethics, reasonable work morale and motivation, appropriate treatment of relationships with colleagues, and commitment to the field.

Well some people will tell you stuffs like this when you ask them about the TOOLS YOU NEED TO SELL YOURSELF AS AN ENTREPRENEUR*

Answer: Just do packaging, Create a facebook page, Have many social media like, Dress nice, Speak confidently e.t.c

Am not saying they are wrong, if you have all those I mentioned: Very Good but what I want you to understand is delivering your services and carrying out your activities as a professional will make you last. See people will do business with an organization or refer friends and family members to an organization they are confident about.

Do you know most brands build good relationship with customers more through content: written or verbal.

Most entrepreneurs do not consider the role of content marketing for communication with customers/potential customers online and offline to be very important and when they finally do, most times their content do not look professional at all.

So there is a need to go pro why curating contents, from images to words. Being PRO is also applicable to dealing with issues inside your organization as an entrepreneur and also dealing with team members. That’s why knowledge about emotional intelligence, color energy e.t.c are very important. If you have not obtained knowledge in this areas please sign-up for such course either free or paid, they bring out the PRO in you.

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